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Our Equine Helpers


Cal is a 18 year old gelding.  He is easy going and likes to be around people.  


When he starts out, his movement is lateral and changes to a combination of lateral/anterior-posterior.  It is very typical “horse like” movement.  His movement is smooth and he has forward energy.  



Scarlett is an 18 year old Quarter Horse. She has rodeoed, gamed, princess-horse, etc. Been there, done that! She offers lateral movement and is a strong leader! 


Benjamin (Ben)

At 11 years old, Ben is currently our youngest equine partner. He is a paint Quarter Horse and has a complicated movement when in motion; anterior/posterior AND lateral all at the same time. He is quiet and affectionate and sure to make best friends with all who are around him. 



Cash is a 16 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. He's very smooth gaited, has a strong back and a loving personality. Newest to our equine partner team, he is sure to please all of his human handlers!

Our Heroes

A tearful goodbye to those who have touched our hearts and helped changed our  lives


Precious was a 24 year old Quarter horse mare originally from the Big Hole in Montana who lived up to her name. Easy going, patient and versatile, she loved her riders and our instructors. She will be missed by many and thanked for her willingness to give back by everyone who worked with or on her.


R.I.P., Precious, knowing you've touched us all in so many positive ways. 








2018...Stormy was an Appaloosa gelding, 28 years old.  Registered name "Desert Storm".  He loved and cared for by his owners Tom and Donna Jackson.  He lived life in his pasture with mate Rocky, who is the same age.  Stormy did it all - especially hunting trips with the Jacksons.  He has been in parades and on trails.  He loved treats and being brushed and lovingly took care of all who rode him!

R.I.P, Stormy. You brought so much to all of us at Gaitway! 

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